Public Proxy Sites is a free proxy list, supplying the latest public proxy sites on the internet.

All proxies accepted by our list have been tested as active proxy sites which are then sorted by recency and listed on our site. We also locate the origin of the public proxy sites through their IP address and display this as their country of origin. Therefore, when you chose a proxy site from our list you know what country of origin it "looks" like you are coming from.

We also ping each site accepted onto our list and find out the speed of these proxies which is then displayed making it immediately identifiable if any proxies on our list are extremely slow and not worth your time visiting.

The proxy sites are all sorted by their script. Most likely they will be powered by Glype, but a lot of proxies still use PhProxy. Here at we recommend that you choose the fastest sites using the latest version of Glype (Version 1.4.4) and then use the one which has the country which you want to appear to be coming from when browsing through it.

This site doesn't just list proxies, we also accept proxy lists also. So if you are not looking for these, just make sure to avoid them.

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Public Proxy Scripts

You may be wondering which proxy script is the best ? Well, currently there are quite a few proxy scripts, these include Phproxy, Glype, Zelune, CGIProxy to name a few. Out of all of the proxy scripts the two main ones which you will most likely come across are PhProxy and Glype. Both these scripts are PHP based and were created independently. All of the scripts have stopped being update years ago and therefore are not recommended EXCEPT for Glype! This is because not only will sites running these outdated scripts be unsafe, but that they may not actually work, especially with important sites such as YouTube or FaceBook.

As a result of this we can only recommend you to use Glype. However, it is up to you what script you want to use. :)

Why use a Proxy Site

A web proxy service, is a website that is running one of the previously mentioned scripts. When a person visits a proxy site to browse the internet. Instead of requesting web pages through their own browser. The proxy requests the pages for the user and forwards them. In doing so the user's IP address is "masked" and instead the IP address of the proxy is seen by the server hosting the website that the user is intending to visit (i.e YouTube).

Through this proxy sites enable people to bypass censorship as well as restrictions that have been imposed by local networks, as seen in schools or the work place. By "masking" the users IP address public proxy servers also make the user more anonymous and therefore improves their privacy online. lists public proxy sites for this reason, in order to supply those who need, proxy web servers.

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